Web Development Bootcamp

Launch your career with a Web Development Diploma.

Discover how to build interactive, responsive websites, apps and software with JavaScript - alongside its most popular libraries and frameworks. Learn the fundamentals of programming, how to work on team projects with Git, how to debug, and how to problem solve.

Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm for 12-weeks
Flexible nights/weekends schedule for 6-months +
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Why level up with Concordia Bootcamps?

Live online classes

Our classes are taught in a group setting, live online using zoom and led by an instructor. With our cohort based classes, you'll learn with the same group of students from beginning to end.

Education community

Joining our Bootcamp will immediately grow your network. You'll meet our instructors, alumni, and students who are all deeply interested or actively working in tech. Most importantly - they love to help each other out.

Job focused curriculum

Our bootcamps are designed to help you launch a career in tech quickly. We focus on teaching you the essentials and helping you build projects to showcase to potential employers.

Career guidance

Our career team will teach you the must dos- and must not dos when it comes to your job search to help you get hired.

Small class sizes

To keep our classes intimate we find the ideal size is less than 25. From our experience, this creates the perfect dynamic of collaboration and class energy.

Recognized diploma

As a bootcamp grad, you'll earn a diploma from The Centre for Continuing Education at Concordia University. As one of Canada's largest universities, your education will be recognized by employers across the country.

Where our Web Development alumni work

Picture of our alumni Victoria
Full-Stack Developer
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Web Developer
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Software Developer
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Software Developer


Programming Fundamentals

In this section you will learn how to create, style and manipulate websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We start with the basics of HTML and CSS. Then quickly move on to JavaScript, where we learn to program and use the language for a variety of tasks. We will also introduce git and GitHub, which we will use continuously throughout the course.

Advanced Frontend: React

We begin with DOM manipulation to then move on to React. We put these skills to work with a number of individual web projects. These projects will introduce new concepts of the React framework like React Hooks. You will combine your knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies to learn how to create full-stack applications.

Server-side Programming With NodeJS

Learn and use JavaScript in the context of backend programming with NodeJS. Create and deploy a web server using RESTful API principles by leveraging NodeJS with Express. Basic networking concepts like HTTP will be learned along the way. Students will also learn how to use various external APIs to retrieve data. We will implement many different backend solutions with NodeJs and EJS.

Team Project

Part of being a great software developer is being able to work with others. Different people have different ways of thinking, which is expressed through their code. You need to get acquainted with the way other people write code, be able to follow their logic, and merge your code together. In this module, we will be working on building a team project and using Git/GitHub to manage our code.

Data Persistence

Learn to extend backend projects to leverage data persistence with databases. We will learn to perform CRUD operations on MongoDB. Students now have all of the pieces to create a full-stack MERN application.

Solo Project

The time has come for you to put your skills into practice. It's one thing to follow along with guided workshops or work in teams with others, but writing your own software from start to finish will be the true test. Here, you will build a working prototype of your choice. You will be responsible for coming up with an idea, and bringing it to fruition using all that you have learned in the course.

Who is this course for?

Our Web Development Bootcamp was created for those looking to launch a career in tech quickly without any prior experience. Since 2014, we've proven that we're a great fit for nearly every person with passion, grit, and determination.

Our course is highly personalized for…
  • You’re considering a career change. Typically people take this course to change careers. We see people from all sorts of backgrounds (no two people are alike) - everyone is welcome.
  • → We recommend that you dabble in code at a basic level. Ideally, you’d have taken one of our free workshops or followed along with some entry level tutorials online. Reach out if you're not sure where to start.
  • You’re excited to try something new, have a learning mindset, and a great attitude. You look forward to actively participating in class and being a member of our community.

Start Dates & Tuition

September 2024 (Full-Time)
September 9 to December 2
Monday to Friday from 10am-5pm
October 2024 (Part-Time)
October 15 to June 1
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30pm-10pm & Sundays from 10am-5pm
October 2024 (Part-Time)
6 Months
October 15 to June 1
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30pm-10pm & Sundays from 10am-5pm
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Web Development Diploma
at Concordia Bootcamps
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Are these courses beginner friendly?

Well, kind-of 🤔. We've seen sooo many students who were beginners excel in either of our programs, in fact this makes up the majority of our students. But these are still pretty tough courses 💪🏽 - so when you apply, you'll meet with one of our learning advisors to make sure this is the right fit for you.

How many students are in a class?

To keep our classes intimate we find the ideal size is less than 25. From our experience, this creates the perfect dynamic of collaboration and class energy.

What are my payment options?

For a complete breakdown of payment options, check out this document.

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