Transitioning into tech: Jeremie’s story

Kevin Khoury

📈 Transitioning into tech: Jeremie’s story

How Jeremie went from elementary school teacher to software developer

A few weeks ago I sat down with one of our web development bootcamp alumni Jeremie Legault to learn about his career transition into tech.

Like many of you, Jeremie had absolutely zero technical background prior to his decision to take a bootcamp. He was currently working as an elementary school teacher and looking for a career change.

Here’s three piece of advice that helped Jeremie break into tech

1. It’s a numbers game

Once you’ve acquired the basic skills needed for your desired role, (in Jeremie’s case it was through our web dev bootcamp) you need to get yourself out there. Jeremie’s advice is to apply to as many roles as possible. Just make sure you spend time on each application to appear as qualified as possible.

Some may find this advice controversial, and opt for a more personalized approach to job searching. The reality is, there is no right or wrong. People land jobs by submitting applications all the time. This just leads into his next point:

2. Persistence

While this sounds like obvious advice, giving up is the only way you will not achieve your goal. While some are lucky to change careers in a matter of months, for others it may take closer to a year. The longest I’ve seen was about 18 months. That is a super long time for a job search, but this person has now been in the industry for a decade and has had the opportunity to work at some incredible tech companies earning 6-figure salaries.

3. Attitude

Jeremie says much of his success to date comes down to his positive attitude. If you watch our full interview (linked here) you’ll get what he means right away. He’s always smiling and super humble. He says he was far from a strong developer and barely graduated his bootcamp, but his attitude helped get him into the door at his current company, Avanade. I’ve seen it over and over again where those with very strong soft skills (communication, attitude, etc.) are able to land jobs easier than those with stronger technical backgrounds. Like-ability is very important.

Check out the full interview here:

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