Our Top 3 Places to Learn Python (Free or Low-cost!)

Written by Emilie Brunet on Oct 5, 2023

Python is the up and coming programming language.

A few weeks ago we shared an article about the top programming languages to learn in 2023, second on that list is Python. In fact, it seems to be high on a few lists. Like how it’s first on this one. And 2nd on this one.

While Javascript still tops those lists for careers in Web Development, the reality is that Python is becoming an increasingly important programming language if you plan to pursue a career in Data Science.

A lot of Data Science bootcamps include Python in the curriculum (ours does!) but if you’re not quite ready to make the commitment to a bootcamp just yet, or you just want to give it a whirl but aren’t quite sure where to start, check out our top 3 free or low-cost places to learn Python below.

1. Harvard University’s: Introduction to Programming with Python

Format: Self-paced; pre-recorded videos activities to be done in GitHub. They claim it takes about 9-10 weeks to complete if you commit to 3-9 hours per week.

Cost: This course is 100% free to watch and participate in, however if you’re interested in receiving a diploma that you can display on your LinkedIn, you’ll need to pay a fee.

This course is super comprehensive and will take you from having absolutely zero understanding of Python to a comfortable understanding within a short period of time.



2. Data Camp: Introduction to Python

Format: Self-paced, pre-recorded lectures, activities done within the Datacamp system

Cost: Free for module 1, $52 per month after

We like this course because it doesn’t require downloading any additional software or utilizing anything other than the DataCamp system. You don’t need to use GitHub or Jupyter Notebooks or worry about downloading any Python packages onto your computer. The Datacamp system allows you to practice your Python directly integrated in the lectures themselves. Which makes it a really easy, seamless way to get started (and stay engaged).

The one downfall of this program is that when you first register, it’s not obvious that it’s just the first module that is free. After you complete the first module, you need to register for their monthly fee to continue using it. Which means that you need to spend $52 CAD to gain full access to it.

You might get enough of a taster from the initial module that you feel encouraged to continue learning, and maybe getting that monthly membership, but it is a relatively costly price point just for a month of learning.



3. W3 Schools - Python

Format: Self-paced, no lectures - just written lessons

Cost: Free

This is a very straightforward course with no fancy bells and whistles. It just takes you through an explanation of a concept and then immediately gives you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt through their integrated code editor.

It’s really interactive and you get to practice immediately after learning a new concept which helps with retaining the information.



Do you have other recommendations?

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